After graduating from Kasson-Mantorville high school in 1987, Scott moved to Phoenix and studied at the Ron Bailie School of Broadcasting, focusing on audio/video broadcasting and marketing.

Scott worked in radio broadcasting for several great broadcasting companies in three states until settling back in Dodge County in 1991 and working for Laser 101.7/KWEB/Fox County 102.5. Throughout his radio career Scott held several management positions including production director, program director and music director. He was program/music director and co-morning show host for one of the first Hot Country Radio Stations in Rochester, K-WEB Country, which eventually evolved into Fox Country. Scott also worked in sales, managing a full portfolio of business clients.

In 1994 Scott left radio and took a management position with a local communications company that evolved into part ownership. This position included assisting in the management of an office staff, sales staff, and installation staff at both locations and at numerous job-sites in the surrounding Rochester area, Colorado, and New Mexico. Scott and his company were recognized in national trade magazines in 1996 for designing and managing the installation of one of the first Panasonic digital CCTV surveillance systems to be used in a casino application. This system was installed at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, New Mexico.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

— Albert Einstein


In 1996 Scott joined the Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse while his father, Bob Rose, was still a deputy there. While on the sheriff’s posse, Scott realized how much he enjoyed the excitement of police work, the satisfaction of helping people, and the camaraderie of the deputies.

In January of 1997 Chief Dave Johnson offered Scott the opportunity to be sponsored as a part-time licensed police officer for the Kasson Police Department. Scott credits Chief Johnson with being the one that really started his law enforcement career by trusting Scott enough to bring him into his department. This was a turning point for Scott as he took his new law enforcement career a step further, challenging himself to work as a cop in his hometown, all the while realizing more and more how much he loved the job.

In 1998, after working on the posse and as a part-time officer, Scott realized he looked forward to working his part time job way more than his full time job. (Some in his family say law enforcement was his calling all along, it just took Scott a while to get there.) So Scott decided to leave his communications business and return to college to pursue a new career in law enforcement.

Scott enrolled full-time in Rochester Community and Technical College's Law Enforcement program, while taking a drastic pay cut working security overnights so he could attend school full-time during the day. To help support him through college, his wife Rosie ran a full home daycare with 10 kids and groomed dogs part-time.

During this time period Scott also accepted a full-time civilian position in the Crime Prevention Unit in the Rochester Police Department. Scott worked in crime prevention his first year there, and then assisted with their racial profiling study the following year.

In the fall of 2000, while working as a part-time patrol officer in Kasson, Scott researched and wrote the county’s first K9 proposal and presented it to the Kasson city council with Chief Johnson. That night they unanimously approved that the department move ahead with the development of the county’s first K9 program. Scott helped raise local funds from area businesses to get the program started, and helped write the policies and procedures, many of which are still used today.

In March of 2001 Scott started as a part-time dispatcher for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, 20 years after his father started working there. This afforded Scott an opportunity to really appreciate the work that the great men and women do in that office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In May of 2001, Scott earned his Associates Degree in Law Enforcement with high honors from the Rochester Community and Technical College, graduating as a member of the Phi Thetta Kappa Society for Academics.


In July of 2002 Scott helped develop and implement the first Crime Prevention Unit for the Sheriff's Office and started a new crime prevention column in the area newspapers educating the community about everything from residential security to internet safety.

In 2003 he helped develop, design, and launch the sheriff's office’s first official website, which he still helps manage today.

In 2003 Scott helped develop and design the county’s first CCTV digital surveillance system for the courts.

In 2003 and 2004 he helped develop and implement the Prospective Tenant Criminal History Checks for rental property owners and the Trespass Authorization Program for rental properties, helping to improve communications and cooperation between rental property owners and patrol. Scott also helped with the development, approval, and implementation of the Disorderly Use Ordinance Program that is used to help rental properties with problem tenants. Scott and the Sheriff worked with the area councils to get this ordinance implemented and worked to get it adopted in every city in Dodge County.

During these years Scott also taught several crime prevention seminars through community education and area senior citizen centers. These seminars included everything from financial scams to senior safety.

In 2004 he researched and proposed the implementation of the department's first TASER program. This program helped make the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office one of the first small departments in the area to equip their deputies with Tasers. Scott helped raise over $6000 in start up funds through private business donations to get the program funded and started. He also assisted in developing training policies and programs for deputies. Scott then went through the certification training and was one of the first certified Taser instructors for the department. The implementation of the Taser program helped to dramatically decrease the hands-on contact deputies and officers needed to have with volatile suspects, making intervention safer for both the deputies/officers and the public.

In 2004 Scott was nominated for the 2004 Minnesota Sheriff’s Association Deputy Sheriff of the Year award by Sheriff Gary Thompson.

From 2004-2005, his next significant department project was working on the sheriff’s office’s first mobile computer program (MCT). Scott assisted the Dodge County IT Department and worked with the state to develop and test a communications protocol that the state approved to allow data communications to be securely transmitted via cellular internet connection between county squads, the state, and the sheriff’s office’s in-house records. Scott helped raise $25,000 in funding to get this program started, making Dodge County one of the first small counties in the area to have fully-functioning, internet-based computers in their squads. He assisted with writing many of the policies still used today, and trained all area officers on how to use the system. This program is arguably one of Scott’s most important and proudest law enforcement accomplishments to date, as it literally changed the way the sheriff’s office communicates and helped make patrolling safer by transferring officer safety and suspect information instantly via squad computers.

In 2006, while still assisting with the MCT program, Scott helped implement a new Warrants Program with the sheriff’s office. This program included implementing more aggressive techniques in warrant apprehension, updated warrant notifications, new notifications for warrants by mail, better communications between agencies regarding warrant subjects, a daily updated warrants list, and a bi-weekly updated newspaper warrants list. This program was designed to be a lateral position that deputies could apply for in addition to their patrol duties.

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

— Jack Welch

In January of 2008 Scott lost his father to diabetes. This was a devastating time in his life as their relationship had evolved over the years from father/son to best friends. Bob Rose loved this community and served it to the best of his ability nearly his entire adult life. Bob especially loved the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. He was honest, fair, compassionate, and always had a great sense of humor. Bob touched the lives of so many people through his 30+ years of being a K-M teacher, coach, mentor, and an officer to several generations in this community. Scott will tell you he often thinks about his father daily when working, wondering how he would handle each situation.

Throughout this time period Scott continued to work warrants, manage the website, and assist with the MCT Program until 2011, when he was promoted to Investigations. While serving as an Investigator for the office, Scott worked general investigations and assisted the SE MN Drug Task Force with various operations and investigations. He was also part of a multi-agency cold-case team working on a 1989 unsolved homicide that occurred in southeastern Minnesota.

In September of 2013, the Sheriff’s Office changed forever with the unexpected death of their beloved Captain Loring Guenther, a 19 year veteran of the agency and one of Scott’s best friends at the office. That summer, Scott had been talking with Loring about Loring running for Sheriff in 2014 – recognizing that there was a need for new leadership in the office. After Loring’s death, and the unwarranted firing of veteran Chief Deputy Mike Leonhardt a few months later, Scott made the decision to run for Sheriff and announced in March of 2014.

After a long year of campaigning, Scott was elected Dodge County’s 26th Sheriff on November 4th. Scott’s first order of business was to reinstate Mike Leonhardt as his Chief Deputy.

Since being elected Sheriff, Scott has helped lead the Sheriff’s Office with numerous changes and improvements over the years. See the ACCOMPLISHMENTS page for more details.


Scott’s wife and best friend Rosie, whom he married in 1991, grew up in Australia before moving to the United States as a young teenager. Rosie’s father Robert McLaren owned and operated arguably one of the most well-known ship building companies on the east coast of Australia in the 70's and 80's, having built over 80 commercial fishing ships. The name McLaren is still highly regarded as one of the best quality built ships in the Australian commercial fishing industry. Rosie and Scott met while Scott was working for a radio station in McCook, Nebraska, where Rosie’s parents were living at that time. Rosie has been a local business owner in Dodge County since the mid-90s. She started a licensed daycare out of their home and at the time also did dog grooming part time. She continued with her full-time licensed daycare until the early 2000s when she went into dog grooming full-time. In 2006 she opened Rosie’s Pampered Puppies on Main Street in Kasson. In 2012 she moved her business from Main Street into her newly built custom designed shop on their home property. Since 2006, she and her groomers have groomed over 1400 different dogs. She’s enjoyed a very successful and growing business here in Dodge County.

Scott and Rosie's oldest son Edward is serving as a State Trooper in Colorado. Eddie is a field training officer, accident recon specialist, and personal fitness instructor. Eddie is married and lives in Silverthorne, Colorado. Eddie and his wife Chelsea have blessed Scott and Rosie with two grandsons – Tristan and Asher.

Their middle son Alex graduated with a degree in Pastoral Studies and Theology at North Central University in Minneapolis. Alex was heavily involved in several metro college ministries including InterVarsity, Campus Crusade and h2o college ministry -- his ministry focusing primarily on young adults. He is currently serving at City Church in Beverly Hills California. Alex has also done missionary work in Florida, California and Mexico and Greece.

Their youngest son Cooper, a KM High School Graduate, Rochester Community and Technical College Graduate, and recent Winona State University graduate, is married and lives in Kasson with his wife Gaby. He works for L&L Streetrods doing equipment installation and customizing work on law enforcement vehicles.


Scott was a long time member of St John’s Lutheran Church in Kasson. Pastor Curtis Johnson baptized him, confirmed him, officiated his and Rosie’s wedding, and baptized all of their kids. Scott and Rosie dearly miss his ministry. They currently attend Community Celebration Church.


Scott and Rosie have a small acreage outside Kasson where they enjoy their animals and landscaping projects. They also love fishing trips to northern Minnesota with the family, ATV riding, and campfires with friends during the summer.

One of Scott’s main hobbies is continuing to do voiceover work. He has a recording studio in their home and a handful of clients for whom he does regular voiceover work. Projects include voicing radio ad campaigns, promotional advertisements, infomercials, TV voiceover work, etc.

Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

— John Wooden