Deputy Emil Asleson – Divide County Sheriff’s Office

    Scott’s mother’s father, Emil Asleson, was a special deputy for the Divide County Sheriff’s Office in NW North Dakota when his mother was growing up. He was a part-time deputy and full time farmer. Scott still has a reference letter that Divide County Sheriff A.W. Nystrom wrote for his grandfather in 1939.


    Deputy Robert (Bob) Rose – Kasson Police / Dodge County Sheriff’s Office

    Scott’s father Bob Rose started working as a part-time police officer for the Kasson Police Department in 1968, the year Scott was born, working for $2.50 per hour.

    Bob continued to work with the Kasson Police Department until August 1978, at which time he and two co-workers very publicly resigned from the department and called out a chief that they believed was not treating their staff and the public fairly, whose practices they felt were borderline criminal, and whose actions they felt had created a hostile work environment for the officers that worked there. Officers at that time told the council they often didn’t question orders given or actions taken due to fear of being fired. In August of 1978, Bob and two other officers took a stand and resigned.

    On April 23rd, 1981, Scott’s Dad was hired by the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, where he remained a deputy sheriff until the late 90s when he retired with 18 years of service. Bob then returned as a transport deputy until his health forced him to into permanent retirement.


    Sheriff Scott Rose – Kasson Police / Dodge County Sheriff’s Office

    After graduating from high school in 1987, Scott moved to Phoenix, Arizona and studied at the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast focusing on audio/video broadcasting and marketing. He spent over 10 years working in radio and business management/marketing before getting involved in Dodge County law enforcement in 1996, when Scott joined the Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse.

    In January of 1997, Kasson Police Chief Dave Johnson gave Scott the opportunity to be sponsored as a part-time licensed police officer for the Kasson Police Department. Scott credits Chief Johnson at being the one that really started his law enforcement career, trusting Scott enough to give him the opportunity to be a part-time licensed peace officer for his department. This was a turning point for Scott as he took his new law enforcement career a step further, challenging himself with working as an officer in his hometown, and realizing how much he really enjoyed it.

    In 1999 Scott enrolled full-time in RCTC’s Law Enforcement Program in Rochester. Due to his drastic pay cut and working an overnight security job (so he could attend classes full-time), Scott’s wife Rosie ran a full home daycare with 10 kids and groomed dogs part-time to help support him through college. During his second year of college, Scott accepted a full-time civilian position in crime prevention for the Rochester Police Department. He worked in crime prevention full-time and continued to work part-time for the Kasson Police Department while attending school full-time.

    In March of 2001 Scott added another part-time position, being hired as a part-time dispatcher for the
    Dodge County Sheriff’s Office- 20 years after his Father started there. This was a great opportunity for Scott to really gain an appreciation of the work that the great men and women do in that office 24/7.

    In May of 2001, Scott earned his Associates Degree in Law Enforcement with high honors from the Rochester Community and Technical College, graduating as a member of the Phi Thetta Kappa Society for Academics.

    In March of 2002, he started as a part-time deputy for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. In May of 2002, Scott was offered a full-time deputy sheriff’s position with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office by Sheriff Bill Weber, the sheriff that Bob Rose campaigned for in 1991.

    Scott has worked in nearly every department in the sheriff’s office; dispatch, patrol, ENTRY team, crime prevention, warrants, and investigations, to which he was promoted in 2011.

    In November of 2014 Scott was elected as Dodge County’s 26th Sheriff.  


    State Trooper Eddie Rose – Summit/Park County Sheriff’s Office / Colorado State Patrol

    Scott’s oldest son Edward (Eddie), moved to Colorado in 2008. He worked as a security guard for Target, as a full-time dispatcher with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, and as a detention deputy with the Park County Sheriff’s Office before being selected as one of 48 cadets in the Colorado State Patrol Police Academy.

    Eddie graduated from the academy in 2011 and works a patrol district primarily covering Summit County. He is also subject to call in Frisco, Eagle, Lake, Pitkin, and Garfield Counties, all in the mountains of Colorado. Eddie works patrol, is a level 2 accident investigator, a fitness advisor, and a field training officer for new hires.


    “As we look ahead to the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
    – Bill Gates


    Sheriff Scott Rose, who grew up in Dodge County and raised his family here, is very proud to have had the opportunity to be involved in Dodge County Law Enforcement since 1996; initially as a member of the Sheriff’s Posse, then as a part-time Patrol Officer with the Kasson Police, a Dodge County Dispatcher, a Dodge County Patrol Deputy, and an Investigator.

    In November of 2014 Scott was elected as Dodge County’s 26th Sheriff.  

    Scott is actually the third of four generations law enforcement officers in his family. Scott’s grandfather from North Dakota was a Special Deputy for the Divide County Sheriff’s Office in the 30s and 40s. His father, Bob Rose, was a law enforcement officer for over 30 years in Dodge County both with the Kasson Police Department and Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. Finally, the fourth generation is his oldest son Eddie, who is a State Trooper in Colorado.

    “The best executive is the one who has enough sense to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
    – Theodore Roosevelt

    “I love this community! I grew up in Dodge County, raised my family in Dodge County, and am very proud to be a second generation Deputy Sheriff for Dodge County. This is my home.”

    Scott’s background is unique in that he has over 10 years of experience in marketing, management and business ownership, both prior to and during his law enforcement career. Experience that the Sheriff’s Office has benefited from time and time again with the various programs and departments Scott’s been involved with since starting there.

    With this website, Scott will share his history, his work experience, his family, and many of the positive changes and improvements that he’s lead since being elected Sheriff in 2015.  

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and your support in the November Election!