Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The best executive is the one who has enough sense to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”  

    Scott believes it’s vitally important as a leader, to recognize that micro-managing and discipline-based management will, at best, only stifle the productivity and moral of his best employees.  He’s seen first-hand the effects of this type of leadership.  This is why Scott leads with a positive reinforcement-based management style that edifies and fully utilizes the knowledge and strengths of his staff to help with the day-to-day duties and decision making.  He believes the men and women who serve the Sheriff’s Office and this community deserve a positive, enthusiastic, supportive Sheriff with an impartial compass for what’s right and what’s wrong.   

    Scott will tell you Leadership isn’t about how far you advance yourself, it’s all about how far you advance others.  He is regularly praising and crediting their amazing team of men and women who serve day and night.  “It’s been very exciting to see, with the right tools and encouragement, our team working together and accomplishing some pretty major goals and improvements over the past three years.  Even more exciting to see our employees learning and growing – developing into our future leaders.  For me, that’s probably one of the greatest experiences as Sheriff – to be in a position to help those who are willing to work hard and grow develop into our future leaders.  Leadership is really all about producing more leaders, not more followers!”

    “Leaders are not, as we are often led to think, people who go along with huge crowds following them. Leaders are people who go their own way without caring, or even looking to see, whether anyone is following them. “Leadership qualities” are not the qualities that enable people to attract followers, but those that enable them to do without them. They include, at the very least, courage, endurance, patience, humor, flexibility, resourcefulness, stubbornness, a keen sense of reality, and the ability to keep a cool and clear head, even when things are going badly. True leaders, in short, do not make people into followers, but into other leaders.”
    – John Holt

    Scott works hard every day to be a positive leader and roll model to his staff, a sheriff that leads with positive reinforcement, one that edifies his administrative team and his staff, and most importantly, one that involves his administrative team and staff in the day to day decision making necessary to ensure the sheriff’s office runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    Please take a few minutes to look over the other pages in this website.  You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about Scott’s work history, his family, and his dedication to his department and his community. Scott grew up in Dodge County, returned here to raise his family, and dedicated 20 years to help protect and serve his community, his family, and his friends.  He has always considered Dodge County “Home”.